Why do you need MVP?

Watching the global startup market, there is one conclusion I have. The most valuable good is knowledge! Conducting an event in our office “Softhis Open hours”, I saw that sharing experience with people and startups can be much more effective than usual social media campaign. But let’s be honest social media helped me and Softhis team to tell people about our event. We faced some problems that people have with their business ideas. We noticed also that few people think about introducing the MVP version to avoid high costs or lose in case of failure the project.

People who want to monetize their ideas are searching for knowledge. Obviously, you can be a developer and you are able to craft your app, but it is not enough to sell it well. Our experience shows that not everyone knows or considers to test its potential application in a real environment using the MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, which clearly allow to determine whether such a system / tool makes sense, while avoiding the high cost of production of the target version. People gathered around startups are often dreamers. However  in this case dreams and enthusiasm is not enough. With the help of the project and minimize the effects of a potential flap comes just MVP.


What are the benefits you will find the application version of the MVP Project

At the beginning look for your potential users. They may be friends or family, our personal testers. Listen to what they say, their findings will allow verification of functionality. MVP version is not necessarily the working application. You can use mockups, presentations, or notes. Sometimes a well-prepared material or scenario of MVP  version allows to make the presentation of an innovative idea for a potential investor.

The good idea is  also to consult the app with software house, that specializes in startups and has projects in portfolio that achieved success in the market. This is certainly a good way to get support on the issues of valuation the project, you can learn important technological things.

That one game that also has started as MVP

You must have heard about the game Minecraft. The project, which was a market unquestionable success. It is also an excellent example of what has been released to the market in a tight version of the test after only six days of programming done by one person. In the original version you couldn’t do a lot, and the graphics were square and clumsy. Thus was created the project, which was sold for $ 2.5 billion.


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