Turning an angry client into a happy one

The truth about our clients is we love them all. As the company that has such long history as Softhis, we met many situations and one thing must be said: there is no situation without the way out! I tell you how to turn an angry and difficult client into the good one!

Without clients the company couldn’t exists. There were no new and exciting projects, no apps to develop and no skills to improve. At last no achievement would be earned and no satisfaction would be gained of seeing our clients businesses grows.

The secret of clients’ importance is not only the pay the invoices. They evaluate our work and give us  feedback how effective it is, so we can improve on a current basis. During new projects implementation there is the opportunity to explore and achieve new skills for the team members. As the people who live their lives in the technical world, we can meet those who are not involved in the software issues and we can from their perspective. At last of course, they pay invoices and allow the company exists and grow.

Rule no 1

No matter who your client is, do absolutely everything to build with him the proper business relationship. It is worth to take the time and effort to boost work and find benefits, alt last you always have the common goal – to grow up your businesses.

Maybe on the first meeting you didn’t feel fireworks. You see that the cooperation will be not only long but bumpy like old road. The first step you should consider is to understand your client, his business and discover advantages he can bring to you. Find everything you can about people you work with and their business goals. It helps you to identify what is important for them and be ready that it is not necessarily this what is important for you.


Let’s say your client is a retailer and he needs a bespoke workflow that improves the information flow between all departments in his organization. It is their need obviously, but what else? Check what they sell, find some information about their products and know their long term goals. If you know their motivation, you can easily help them to achieve their goals through your software services.

Rule no 2

It is easier to talk and cooperate with someone you know face to face, so meet your client informally too.

It is obvious that not always it is possible in IT for team members to know client personally. When your client is far away from abroad just use sometimes also video call not only audio. Anyway do not hesitate to go with your client for a coffee or a dinner. For the technical part of your team in a less formal situation will be easier to understand non technical people. However you talk via skype or f2f, it is good sometimes to ask also about things that not concerning work.

Rule no 3

Your relationship with client is difficult. Things didn’t go according to plans. Probably you and your team are wondering now, how to find a good solution and not loose the client. If something went wrong, eg. you delayed or you and your client didn’t discuss about details enough, now it is time to be honest. Being honest with your clients can cure almost all bad situations.

If you made mistakes, be honest and your client will respect that you have admitted. Of course have in mind, that some misunderstandings will happen because of your client fault. So whenever your client is unhappy be honest and helpful with him. It should convert an angry client into a happy one. With being honest there is nothing you can lose but you can gain loyal, long-lasting client who gives you good testimonials.

Client is not only money

Clients obviously bring your company money and possibility of development but they are people too. Remember that during implementation the project, it is good to do some small favours to client. You can earn a lot more if you do some little, additional works just for free.

There are no situations with no way out. There is always a chance to convert angry and disappointed client into a happy one. Building a good business relationship takes time and efforts but it is always worth and brings a reward for your company.

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