The idea is not enough

I heard many times, that the idea is not worth much in itself, but its execution process. In my opinion, this sentence should be repeated more often.

I admit that I am deeply fascinated by asking the contractor to sign serious NDA, before sending specifications for evaluation. Today, I met something that I can call NDA Level Master. The potential client sent the NDA that includes such paragraphs that don’t allow the production of anything similar to the project that will be executed for him, for my company (somehow it could be logically), and for anyone in the future without the client’s permission. There is no guarantee of cooperation, the stage before the evaluation, but to join it I must give up work for whole industry.

We have nearly 12 years of our activity in IT industry, we have executed more than 250 projects and probably we received over 1000 of the specifications in the past. Following the mentioned NDA, now we couldn’t do anything without sending about 100 request for permission!

I can imagine such scene in the tailor’s shop:

“You know, I’d like to sew a suit that suits me, because I can not find anything interesting in the store. But before I give you my expectations and you take the measure and give me the price, please sign this small document. It is nothing big, just you won’t sew any jacket for anybody without my permission – And the tailor said:

You have an interesting idea, but I have to say, that without permission of one lady, I can not sew anything with the sleeves.”

Dear startups, the success of a venture on the network does not depend on who makes the fastest MVP in the garage. Remember This is really a lot harder. Many other factor will determine you succeed. I’m old and I remember that Google was not the first working search engine. Working with software house is a collaboration for years where trust is one of the key issues. If you can not trust your potential business partner, do not even think about working with him. But if you are considering collaborating with someone, especially for a long time, it is worth to give some trust.

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