Remote workers are less stressed

Remote working is on the rise. Beeing in an environment other than the office is labeled many ways. People can do they job from home, bar, hotel, train or any other place. This fast growing trend is a mark of IT industry. Some employees work only remotly and other visiting their organization office from time to time.

We can say as of today that the traditional office is under attack, beaten down by remote video calls, outsourcing, and workers in houses and coffee bars. What about office, is it dying? Should employees more often choose sofas pyjamas.

What really means remote work

I am sure you heard many terms to describe working from a location other than the traditional office. There are home, remote, mobile, virtual, or even cloud working. People admit that there is less stress when they can choose remote work. They feel empowered to work in a way that suits them.They are very well connected using social media that are available in one click. Other tools like video conferences or cloud project management extends the effectiveness of remote work. More we can say that we meet something what is called today the agile work where different departments cooperate together. Remote workers cost less. This type of working allows companies to reduce their rent and property costs. Remote workers are more engaged and happy what obviously provides more effective job for employers and in conclusion companies benefit from happier remote employees.

Emotional traps

Home workers report that sometimes they feel disconnected to the office. It can cause the feeling they are away from the central strategies and goals that the business needs to accomplish. They feel sometimes just lonely. To prevent this kind of situation employers should invite home workers to participate in office summary meetings on weekly or monthly basis.

Anyway the trend continues.The remote work revolution has been rumbling across industries and it is not over yet. Flexible working is a good deal today, but it is not enough. Companies that offered flexible working of some kind, eg. flexible hours and part-time have started offering remote work from any place. We should expect that more employees leave old office and stay at home or other location to work.



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