Girls Power!

“Women in IT” is a slogan that I have met many times in the various materials about programming. Perhaps still too slow, but step by step IT industry is getting to be open for women. The number of programming girls grows very fast which is visible when you enter the office of our software house. We can say that we have a sex balance now. Luckily forget about the times when the only women in technological company was the office assistant. Today we have our Project Manager Agata, Marketing Manager Sylwia and our programming JAVA team Monika, Paulina, Kasia, Maja, Zuza. We still have of course Anita who takes care about the administrative issues.

Each of us is passionate and outstanding expert. We are not afraid to develop our talents, gain experience and knowledge in IT industry. Girls share code on GitHub, participate in discussions and conferences. But we can also count on our colleagues what brings an effective cooperation.

I asked some girls, how it is to be a programmer. Their short stories brings many positive emotions, passion and show that the way they have chosen was very right.

Paulina. “The so-called male activities have always attracted me. I studied mechatronics, where was no more than 10% girls in the group. Before the time when I went to the university, I dreamed of being a pilot of a jet airplane. My choices not always have met with understanding. One of boys at the University asked me once- “You came here just to find a husband, right?”. All my knowledge about programming not only during studies, but I also learnt a lot by myself. Programming is nothing more like problems’ solving and this activity gives me a lot of satisfaction. “

Monika.My parents are programmers, and I have chosen the same studies, which they finished. I never found anything else that was so interesting as programming. Being a programmer, or I would say a programming girl is absolutely great even if I have to work more harder to prove I am really good, because IT industry is still men domain.”

Zuzanna. “My Dad bought the first computer when I was 10 years old. Since that time I truly have felt in love in computer science. I decided that I will be a programmer at school and I believe this decision was the best in my life! I often heard that this way will be to difficult for me, it would be better if I went to high school, and then decided to study information technology. Programming gives me great pleasure and a lot of satisfaction.”

Maja. “For me, programming means creativity. Every day I meet with various problems which can be solved in different ways. Technologies I use today are still developing because science never stops and puts me constantly new challenges. I have chosen programming  because I always liked mathematics. I also have an older brother who advised me computer science. I still remember my first project and that feeling of great satisfaction after I finished it. I never change programming into something else! “

Kasia. “I have chosen programming by coincidence. My education differs completely from what I am doing now. My boyfriend showed me how great programming is. At the beginning I learnt a lot by myself at home. Now I work in a cool atmosphere, I’m still learning new things. Important for me is also the fact that I work with people I can always count on. “

The demand for engineers in the world grows. It is estimated that in 2020 in whole Europe will be over a million jobs in IT industry. Human resources are not going to fill it. This is a good argument for it to strive for a successful cooperation in different gender teams. Teams where men and women work together are more effective and are less conflicts during projects execution. Because they see things from a different  perspective, they can create really innovative things. A good cooperation is a key, so don’t divide talents into sex.

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